Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!



CS said...

Hi Kate!
Thank you for your Christmas greetings and sending this site. Good pictures and commentary. Beautiful scenery. Great history. Feel like we have been there. :-) My sis brought us some Merano glass. She talked a lot about Pompeii too.
Happy New Year! Richard and Carol

Anonymous said...

To Kate and Tony,

What a great trip ! I am jealous now ! Just kidding. I have been to London and have been on the Eye as well. Italy looks beautiful. Now we are inspired. I heard there is good surfing in South Africa, sharks too. Any way, Merry Christmas! Your Cousin Ned (...and Mariko, Dustin and Jessica)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ned and family! Great to have you "drop by." Yes, lots of surfing here. Don't you want to come and give us some lessons? They do this other thing here where they attach their boards to a giant kite and literally go flying over the waves. But the water on this side of the penninsula is COLD!

Hi Rick and Carol also--good to hear from you. Somebody told me that this blog reminded them postcards--I think that's why people like it, as postcards aren't so common anymore, but they have just that right combination of pictures and writing.

Christie Rowe said...

hey Kate -
thanks for your comments on my blog. Still no Masa Harina or anything like it in Cape Town, except what I brought in my suitcase. Somebody really ought to introduce the taco truck here, I think there's a fortune to be made. Hope you're enjoying your holiday. Also warn cousin Ned that there's no swell in the summer time... cheers, christie