Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes, we are back in the USA

(I’ll post more pictures soon)

Well, we aren’t nearly as excited about Home Depot and Costco as we thought we would be.  We are missing the beach, the clean air, a more relaxed life! But I’m enjoying Mexican food, hearing Spanish, talking to friends. Jordan is happy to have his favorite fast food (but we’re going to limit that, kiddo). Alex is delighted with super-duper speedy and cheaper internet. Tony will sign up for Netflix soon and has been meeting old work buddies. We rediscovered the public library and community college (I want to take a sculpture class for fun). What I didn’t miss were all these ugly tattoos and body-piercing (yes this is pretty much a mostly USA thing) and the consumer choices are just way too overwhelming to enjoy!  (We are still buying fresh fruit, fresh chicken and veggies and COOKING—will see if that lasts). And, we have a slew of landlord blues (but nothing we can’t handle), and we really miss our doggie, Kei, who died on the trip from Wyoming to California.  He’d been sick with something unexplained and the vet couldn’t help. We are happy he waited for us, though. 

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