Sunday, March 7, 2010

Volcan de Pacaya

In this short clip, you hear the crackling of the lava as it flows and cools
and there is the sound of an eruption on the peak as well. You can see the lava river flow, and there is a short bit at the end of Alex roasting his marshmallows.
(They tasted GREAT, by the way, better than campfire marshmallows)


ericakzn said...

Hi Kate
Wow! These pics are awesome! I read your post on the yayoo support group site and just had to come see what you guys are experiencing.

I would love to ask you some questions on how you guys manage to travel the way you do. My husband and I were both working full time in the film & television industry until 2 years ago when we decided to leave JHB behind for the beautiful North Coast of Natal, SA. (Where my kids do ride their bikes in the street :) ) I would love to show my kids the world, but don't know how you do it if you're not super rich?!! Traveling with Rands... eish! Not the best currency to travel on :)

Thanks for the great reply on the yahoo site...

Erica Kirkby
South Africa

Kate said...

Hi Erica, send me an e-mail through the yahoo group and I'll let you know some ideas (for whatever that's worth :). Good for you to make a move for the family! It does wonders.

Take care,