Thursday, November 18, 2010

TV Station Tour and Video

We had so much fun playing at the TV station!

This same station did an interview with us in Sept 2009:


Jennifer said...

That was a really good story the news team did of you all. So many times they twist the story just enough to make homeschoolers look bad, but this one did a great job! Cool! How did they end up finding out about you all?

Kate said...

Jennifer, it's true, it was fun and positive. The way it happened is that when school "started," last year, the boys' online charter contacted news stations to try to talk them into doing a "back to school" report. The news station said, "we might be interested if you have some interesting students....." and a personal interest angle. I guess that got passed around to the staff and a teacher who knew we were traveling got the ball rolling. Then the station and the school's "media person" contacted us and set it up. It was actually great because the boys really had no idea what was so special about what we had done to go off traveling, but seeing it on the nightly news made them realize "oh....hey that was important!" The funny thing is that we had to leave the online charter school because we weren't home in time for the state tests. They took us back the next fall (that's when we did the interview), but we realized shortly after that we had outgrown them. Anyway, thanks to you for organizing the station field trip!!! (and for the great pictures, some of which I borrowed because they were better than mine!)

CS said...

Great to see you four! Richard and Carol